Timer Utility 5

The Timing Utility
Your Mac Needed.

Timer Utility 5 is an all-in-one timing tool that brings alarms, timers, and stopwatches to your Mac. We take it one mega step further with actions to create powerful workflows customized to your liking.
  • Requires macOS 10.13 or higher


Set a time, choose which day or days of the week, and you’re all set. Create as many alarms as you’d like to suit your needs. It’s that simple.



Creating timers is easy and intuitive. You can create and link other timers together to create workflows or customized timing sequences.



Creating high-precision stopwatches is fast and easy. Select the desired accuracy or precision setting to suit your needs. You can create multiple concurrent stopwatches without sacrificing performance or system resources.

Do more with actions.

Take your alarms, timers, and stopwatches to the next level.

Create powerful workflows with actions

Actions are additions to alarms, timers, or stopwatches that are triggered to perform customized functions. You specify when actions are triggered and what happens.

The power is yours. What will you do with it?

Display Notification

Show a system alert notification with an optional customized message and sound. Integrated with the notification center in your Mac for a familiar experience.

Link Alarms, Timers, or Stopwatches

We love this one. Choose to start, pause, or reset another alarm, timer, or stopwatch. This allows you to create your own workflows or timing sequences. Powerful stuff!

Flash Screen

This one’s cool. Briefly flash the screen display with a color overlay of your choosing. Great for grabbing your attention without the need for an alert or sound.

And Much More…!

Timer Utility 5 has many more actions to choose from. We’ve only just begun to explore the possibilities. We will continue to add actions to make Timer Utility 5 as awesome as possible.

Specify when actions are triggered

Upon Starting

Triggers an action whenever an alarm, timer, or stopwatch is started.

Upon Finishing

Triggers an action whenever an alarm or timer finishes or completes.

After Time Remains

Triggers an action after a set amount of time remains in an alarm or timer.

After Time Elapses

Triggers an action after a set amount of time has elapsed since starting a stopwatch.

Timer Utility 5 Icon

Reasons to Use Timer Utility 5

  • Provides alarm, timer, and stopwatch capabilities
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive interface
  • Ability to add actions to any alarm, timer, or stopwatch
  • Accurate and precise timing that is CPU friendly
  • Choose between 12-hour and 24-hour mode
  • Frequent updates for new features and enhancements

Timer Utility 5 is newly born. We are excited to bring new and exciting features, enhancements, and workflows to mature this awesome app and take it well into adulthood. User satisfaction is extremely important to us therefore we value feedback welcome suggestions to make this an ever greater product.

Start using Timer Utility 5 today