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Timer Utility 5


Timer Utility 5 is a paid application that requires either a license or subscription to unlock all its features. However, you can try Timer Utility 5 for free for a limited time before making a purchase at our store. The application has a trial mode with a range of limitations, but its free features are still helpful.

That’s what you can do in the trial mode of Timer Utility 5:

  • Create up to two (2) alarms
  • Create up to two (2) timers
  • Create up to two (2) stopwatches
  • Create up to one (1) action for each alarm, timer, or stopwatch

The easiest way to to uninstall Timer Utility 5 is drag it onto the Trash, like any other app.

To completely remove all application data you will need to perform these steps:

  • Open Finder
  • Click Go → Go to Folder in the menu bar
  • Navigate to ~/Library/Application Support folder
  • Delete the Timer Utility 5 folder

Note: Deleting application data will erase all alarms, timers, stopwatches and any associated actions.

Getting Started

Installing Timer Utiltiy 5 is as easy as installing any other app for macOS:

  1. Download Timer Utility 5 here.
  2. Double-click on the downloaded TimerUtility5.dmg file and drag the Timer Utility 5 icon to your Applications folder.

Done! Now, if you want to access all functionality of Timer Utility 5, you need to activate your license or subscription. If you have none, please visit our store.

To complete the activation, you need to enter a unique activation number in the License Activation dialog:

  1. Open Timer Utiltiy 5.
  2. Click the Unlock Full Version button in the lower-left corner of the window.
  3. Choose the appropriate option in the License Activation dialog:
    Enter Activation Number (if you already have a license)
    Buy License (if you do not have a license)
  4. Enter your activation number in the License Activation dialog.

If you entered the activation number correctly, Timer Utility 5 will unlock its full functionality automatically.

If you need help recovering a lost license or need help resetting your license activations, please contact us.

We are working on providing an online License Management Center so that you can manage your licenses and other purchases.

Creating a new alarm, timer, or stopwatch is easy.

  1. Navigate to the desired tab (Alarms, Timers, or Stopwatches).
  2. Click the (+) button on the bottom left area of the window.

Adding actions to any alarm, timer, or stopwatch is easy.

  1. Select the desired alarm, timer, or stopwatch.
  2. Click the (+) button on the bottom left area of the Actions window.
  3. Select which action to add, configure the action properties, specify the trigger, then select Save.
Working with Actions

Actions allow you to add behaviors to alarms, timers, and stopwatches to create workflows, timing sequences, or simply to meet your specific needs.

Here is list of all available actions that you can create:

  • Display Alert Notification
    • Displays a system alert notification with an optional message and sound.
  • Display or Speak Message
    • Shows an alert with a customized message and/or speaks a customized message using the default system voice.
  • Flash Screen
    • Flashes the screen three times with a customized color.
  • Link Alarm, Timer, or Stopwatch
    • Allows any alarm, timer, or stopwatch to Start/Pause/Reset another alarm, timer, or stopwatch when triggered.
    • This powerful action allows for the creation of workflows and timing sequences.
  • Repeat Alarm or Timer
    • Repeats an alarm or timer upon completion.
  • Sleep, Shutdown, or Restart
    • Causes your Mac to sleep, restart, or shutdown.
    • This action does not force open applications to close.
  • Open a File
    • Open a select file using the default system editor or application for that file type.
  • Launch or Quit an App
    • Launches or terminates a selected application.

We are happy to bring additional actions in upcoming updates to Timer Utility 5. Stay tuned!

Each action has a trigger that specifies when should that action be performed.

Here is an overview of the triggers:

  • Upon Starting
    • Triggers an action whenever an alarm, timer, or stopwatch starts (either manually or by another linked object).
  • Upon Finishing
    • Triggers an action whenever an alarm or timer has finished.
    • Note: This trigger is not available to stopwatch actions.
  • After Set Time Remains
    • Triggers an action after certain time remains before an alarm or timer finishes.
    • Note: This trigger is not available to stopwatch actions.
  • After Set Time Elapses
    • Triggers an action after certain time has elapsed since the start of a stopwatch.
    • Note: This trigger is not yet supported for alarms or timers.

This is perhaps one of the most powerful actions in Timer Utility 5. Here are additional details on how this works:

You can create timing sequences like this one:

  • Alarm A (at finish) → [Start] Timer A
  • Timer A (at finish) → [Start] Timer B
  • Timer B (at finish) → [Start] Timer A
  • Timer A Timer B sequence repeats…

Sequences like the example shown above allows for a looping timer sequence to be initiated with an alarm (at a certain day and time).

Here is another example of linked timer and stopwatch:

  • My Timer (at finish) [Start]  Overflow Stopwatch

This example above allows for a timer to start a stopwatch upon finishing. This linkage effectively functions as a timer with overtime measurement i.e. the elapsed time since My Timer has finished.